The Bus Ride Home

4 high school girls,  2 white and 2 brown came on the bus on my way home. They sat across from me. At first I was checking them out. Until I quickly found out that they were ugly except for the blond who could become attractive in 10 years or so. As expected, they were so loud that everyone in the bus could hear them, chatting about current events. All of a sudden, I burst out laughing, not at the girls, but at the image of Arian and Williams shaking their head in disapproval. I recalled Arian and Williams telling me how much they hated listening to dumb high school students chatting about stupid crap. I, on the other hand, was more tolerable to their mindless chatter, that is until they started talking about Fast Five.
“I saw Fast Five a couple days ago.”

“What’s that? Fast and Furious Five?”

“Why do they call it Fast Five? It sounds so stupid and uncreative.”

“I think they are running out of cool names like Tokyo Drift.”

“I know, they should just call it FF.”

At that moment, I shook my head in disapproval, and yelled in my head, “FF stands for Final Fantasy, you moron!”