Blonds Are Late Bloomers

Girls physically mature between 16-18, and mentally matures at around 25. However, I find myself despising younger blonds even when they are 25. I have a theory on blonds. I think blonds are late bloomers, so instead of maturing at 25, it takes them to the other side of 30 before losing their fever for mindless fun. This is perhaps due to their popularity – guys simply have higher expectations in blonds when it comes to parties and other wild activities. However, once the blonds lose that fever, they will surpass the brunets and darker shades. The number 1 celebrity on my list is Charlize Theron who is a blond over 30. She’s hawt not because of the wildness in her, but because she’s a badass. So for those who have been disappointed by blonds due to their stupidity, just wait till they are over 30.

Blonds are like the ugly duckling. It takes time for their true beauty to surface.

It takes a long ass time to charge up, but the reward is great - it raped Frieza's left eye.


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