Benefits of Sushi Buffet

For the past year, I have visited Ye’s Sushi Buffet restaurant over 30 times, spent over $500, and ate over 150 pounds of food. Clearly, that’s a lot of negatives. Fortunately, it benefited my life in the most unlikely manner. I went to a cheap and small Japanese restaurant today and ordered a dynamite roll. It tasted AMAZING!!! After degrading myself to Ye’s level of Japanese food, my tongue was at the lowest point possible. Now if I visit Japan and eat authentic sushi, it will bring unimaginable pleasure to my mouth.


4 thoughts on “Benefits of Sushi Buffet

  1. Back when I was running small-arms between Kampong Saam and Zhanjiang in the S. China sea, we had an old Japanese cook aboard our schooner. He lost half his teeth to scurvy and the other half to drunken brawls, but he possessed a steady knife hand and had once served sushi to MacArthur. You’d often see the man dice fish with one hand while helping himself to a jug of wine with the other, even as the deck swung violently in a monsoon. But to the point, that man cut a damn fine fish, and since parting ways with him, I’ve never had the pleasure of eating seafood made nearly as well.

    • Good shit, man. Seems like you know a lot about eating good sushi. However, I am inclined to believe that a Japanese cook as skilled as you describe cannot possibly have been involved in drunken brawls. From what I know about Japanese history and their people, fighting while drunk is not considered honorable. The drunkards you often see at night roaming in the streets of Japan are often the ones without a stable occupation or life. Also, sushi is to be made with 2 hands, because the rice must be neatly packed, and squeezed into preferable shapes. However, I must say that I have enjoyed reading your comments. Where can I find more of them?

      • There was a time when I entries for a co-operated blog on WordPress, but the gentlemen who run this site saw fit to remove the blog, over claims of grossly inappropriate content and promotion of illegal activities.

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