There’s a Limit to Everything

Recently, I was involved in an ice cream eating contest. There were 4 flavors, Asians (mango), Blacks (chocolate),  Whites (red bean), and Plants (green tea). I don’t like chocolate so I had a lot of mango, red bean and green tea. However, it felt weird eating my own kind so I only had 1 scoop of mango. I was fine eating away at red bean and green tea flavored ice creams, but the red bean flavor was too sweet for my liking (White people’s sweets such as donuts are too damn sweet for Asians). So I mainly had green tea. I love all kinds of green tea flavored food as they are not too sweet, not too bitter. At first, it was very enjoyable. I could smell the scent of the green tea while eating it, but after 3-4 cups, they started to lose their taste. By the 5th cup, it had no taste whats so ever, and I was very full from eating all kinds of Japanese food. In the end, I couldn’t eat anymore green tea, and waved the white flag. Congratulations to Jyvblamo for taking down Yoshi General in an ice cream eating contest. The moral lesson was: Canada is good because we are multicultural. If Mr.Canada was in an eating contest, he would win, because he will never get tired of the food.

Multicultural ice cream.


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