A Little Lesson on the Japanese Language

I commonly hear people call attractive girls by the term “kawaii”. This is often incorrectly applied since “kawaii” or かわいい  has the strict meaning of cute. It does not mean sexy or beautiful. I am tired of hearing the Wapanese  overuse the term “kawaii” on every girl they see, so today I am going to introduce some variations to describe a good looking girl.

“kirei” (きれい) – pretty, beautiful

“utsukushii” (うつくしい) – beautiful

“beppin” (べっぴん) – exceptionally beautiful women

“kirei” describe a pretty women. It can address one part of the body, the whole body or in combination with the clothes and accessories. The word applies to things as well as humans. It is most appropriate when describing a woman with limited cute features and generally accepted beauty. Cuteness often comes with the characteristics and pose of the girl. For example a girl pretending to be a cat can be thought as cute. However, the word “kirei” has no association with the situation. It is simply a generally accepted concept of beauty.

“utsukushii” is one big step away from cuteness used to describe beautiful things or people. Use this when you want to describe a women who looks gorgeous or marvelous. It is more suitable for older women perhaps past their teen, who has lost their young innocent appeal, but replaced by sexiness with a mature tone.

“beppin” is a very old word specifically used to define “bijyo” or beautiful women. Not only does the woman have to look gorgeous with the make up and clothes, but the base has to be beautiful as well. The word “betsu” means different or exceptional, so make sure the woman is outstandingly pretty or beautiful.

"kawaii" - Hirano Aya pretending to be a stupid puppy trying to eat a leaf.

"kirei" - Charlize Theron has a generally accepted pretty face.

"utsukushii" - A marvelous looking Catherine Zeta Jones.

A picture of “beppin” is unavailable due to the fact that they have to be exceptionally beautifully. Everyone has their own idea of exceptional beauty so I will leave it to your imagination.


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