Slavery or Bravery?

How many times have we seen big tough black guys die in movies?

In almost every action movie, the black guys would fight the antagonist and get raped. A black man’s death is very symbolic of both slavery and bravery. Back in the days, big black African slaves risked their lives to protect their masters. Their size and athleticism can overpower most enemies, making them the preferrable bodyguards. Although most of them dies while encountering their enemies, they always fight with great confidence and enthusiasm, thus crippling their enemy. Their deathly sacrifice often brings safety to their allies, making them a hero.

A black guy goes after the predator. Boom! Head shot.


2 thoughts on “Slavery or Bravery?

  1. I met a particularly loquacious negro while I was hunting bush-meat in the Côte d’Ivoire. He was particularly fond of recalling the stories of village girls he had bedded in the past, though it seemed like upon each new telling, he changed the names. Anyhow, the bloke was stuck by a Mbuti pygmy through the gut with a 6-foot assegai. All men bleed the same color of blood.

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