Quotes of the Week

I am starting a Quotes of the Week session. Each week, I will come up with few quotes for us to use in our daily life. We will use them when appropriate in our daily conversations. My ultimate goal is to be able to come up with cheesy lines in every situation. This week’s quotes are taken from the TV series, Rome. To make matter more interesting, each quotes will be given points based on their difficulty for suitable usage. Keep track of how many points you scored and let’s compare on Sunday. Ladies and gentlemen, let the game commence!

“Fortune pisses on me.” 1 point

“Oh stop complaining! You are alive, aren’t you?” 1 point

“Women complicates things.” 2 point

“A women’s role has always suited you best.” 2 points


One thought on “Quotes of the Week

  1. 5 points to whoever can use this:

    “Gods of the Junii, with this offering I ask you to summon Tyche, Megaera, and Nemesis so that they may witness this curse. By the spirits of my ancestors I curse _______. Let his penis shrink. Let his bones crack. Let him see his legionnaires drown in their own blood. Gods of the Junii, I offer to you his limbs, his mouth, his breath, his speech, his hands, his heart, his stomach. Gods of the Inferno, let me see him suffer deeply, and I will rejoice and sacrifice to you.”

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