Yoshi General: How to Make a Friend 101

When Yoshi was in grade 6, he was still very immature and wanted to be the class boss. One day in class, Yoshi got into a quarrel with a newly transferred fob. The fob didn’t know the social hierarchy of the class so he talked back at Yoshi. After the class ended, the fob got up to leave when Yoshi yelled “turn around!” The next moment, Yoshi’s foot struct the fob in the jaw, knocking him over. Unfortunately, the vice-principle was visiting the teacher and witnessed the unfortunate event. Yoshi was suspended immediately for the rest of the day. Later that day, Yoshi’s commander told that a general must not be cruel towards his comrades and was told to apologize to the poor fob who was now given ice packs to sooth the pain. Yoshi visited the fob’s ghetto and sincerely apologized. The fob forgave Yoshi and told him that his name was Kirby King. Soon after they became good friends and kept in touch even after getting assigned to different divisions a year later. Today, Yoshi and Kirby King are still fond of each other. Yoshi learned that the wonderful power of friendship can sometimes even sprout from violence.


One thought on “Yoshi General: How to Make a Friend 101

  1. When I was sent to prison at Djibouti, on my first day I knew that I had to make powerful friends or die. I found the toughest man in the prison, a stout man with a pink scar running down his back, and whispered in his ear, “وسوف يقتل رجل واحد من اختيارك. اختيار بحكمة.” – “I will slay one man of your choice. Pick carefully.”

    He pointed out a tall Somalian with braided hair that climbed down to his shoulders.
    “تمتهن هذا الرجل لي عندما وصلت الى هنا عندما كنت طفلا. فتح حنجرته.” – “That man dishonored me when I first came here, as a boy of 14 years. Open his throat.”

    I made a good friend of him that day, a pact sealed in blood.

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