Jackass 3D defines Americans

After watching Jackass 3D, my view towards American people hasn’t changed. That says a lot about what I think of Americans. Their creativity and daredevil spirit are unparalleled. I remember someone asking me, if I give you a million dollar, would you be willing to do “this”? Replace “this” with half of the things they did in the movie, I would have said no.  That’s props. But let’s get real. To be honest, that’s not what I think of Americans. I did not like the movie because of all the scat. Making fun of fat people and midgets are acceptable and funny, but drinking piss and eating feces? Let’s get real. That’s just low and disgusting. The best moment had to be the Poo Cocktail Supreme. I laughed so hard watching that. Now here’s my question. How much money would it take for you to perform the Poo Cocktail Supreme?


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