Yoshi General: A What Goes Around Comes Around Experience

Yoshi General was the target of bullying in grade 1 for he was new to Japan. A year later, he moved to a different school, and he was determined to make powerful allies. First day of school, Yoshi met a gigantic boy with messy long hair, sticking caterpillars into people’s pants. He was clearly the kind of person Yoshi was looking for. Yoshi and Long-hair became friends right away for they were good together. They were the strongest kids in school, and had great teamwork. Yoshi would distract the cashier while the long hair stole candies, chips, juices, comic books, and sometimes even porn magazines. Unfortunately, once in a while the middle school fags would find them, and take their stuffs.

Few years later, during the age of Yu-Gi-Oh, Long-hair and Yoshi collected cards from weak kids. They made unbeatable decks, and sold them for money. A premium Blue-Eyes White Dragon cost 3,000 Yuan or $30 dollars, enough for five meals. Their business prospered, and had enough money to buy two decent bicycles, but Long-hair had a different idea. He took all the money, and ditched Yoshi. There was nothing Yoshi could do for he was weaker than Long-hair. Yoshi was very angry, so he told everyone that Long-hair had taken his money. One day, Long-hair went to buy himself a premium bike. He was so happy that he let his guard down. He was the Dark Magician who took down Yoshi, the Red Eyes Black Dragon, but didn’t see the Blue Eyes White Dragon behind him.

Yoshi General intimidating his enemies.

Blue Eyes approaching from behind.

Dark Magician is confident in his strength.


According to the principal’s announcement the next day, Long-hair was assaulted by several middle school kids. Long-hair did not want to give them his money and fought back hard, but the middle school kids had knives on them, and they stabbed Long-hair until he died. Yoshi knew that his big mouth had killed Long-hair. Afraid of Long-hair’s associates looking for revenge, Yoshi fled the country and swore to never return.


One thought on “Yoshi General: A What Goes Around Comes Around Experience

  1. OMG TONY! You are so so manly. I wish I knew you back then in Japan. We definitely would have made a better team then you and Long hair…;)

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