Yoshi General: A Fantasy Basketball Experience

Legend of Yoshi General

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a farmer called Yoshi General. He was a very hard working man ready to take on the world.

Yoshi goes to the market to buy seeds of various prices.

One spring, after the ice had melted, he went down to the market to buy some seeds to plant on his fields. He bought many seeds, expensive seeds, cheap seeds, promising seeds, newly introduced seeds, etc. He planted them with utmost care and remembered to check them every day. Sometimes, a portion of his crops would get destroyed by bugs and birds, but he would try to save them or replace them. However, this year there was a drought. His crops died one after another, especially the most promising ones. He lost the Brand crop, Garnett crop, Big Al crop, and Sheed crop, all four had high market value. At the end of the day, only his cheap and worthless crops lived. He harvested them but they were sold for very low prices, but Yoshi General was an optimistic farmer, and he was going to make sure that there wouldn’t be another drought next year.

He migrated to a colder region where there was a big river nearby. Once again, spring came and Yoshi went down to the market to buy new seeds. He found a very expensive seed called CP3 seed. The market price for the CP3 crop was very high and Yoshi was an optimist so he bought the seeds. He planted the CP3 seeds on the most fertile land he could find. It was also very close to the river, so there was little worry of his crops drying up like last year. Yoshi took very good care of his CP3 crops. He knew that as long as his CP3 crops get harvested and sold for a good price, he could feed himself until next year.

Yoshi moved to the mountainous wetlands after the drought.

Flooded CP3 crops.

One day, there was a downpour, and it continued for days. Yoshi was worried about his CP3 crops but he could not get out of the house due to the heavy rain. He prayed to God that his CP3 crops would be ok. The next day, the rain had stopped, and Yoshi went to visit his CP3 crops only to find that his field had turned into a pool. Apparently, the riverbed flooded and formed a giant lake. Yoshi was very sad. He grieved day after day knowing that there was no way he can earn enough money to feed himself with the rest of his crops. He was very poor that year and had very little to eat. He had no excess food stored in his storage because of the drought from the previous year.

Spring came and Yoshi was weary. He did not have the energy to migrate again, so he moved to a higher ground nearby where there would be no chance for flood to drown his crops. This year, he did not rely on just one kind of crop. He bought many kinds of mid priced seeds so that he would be ok even if one of his crops gets destroyed. With the little food and energy he had remaining, this year was do or die. If he failed to have a good harvest like the previous two years, he will surely die of starvation. One month after planting his seeds, one of his mid valued crops, the Jrich crops got partially destroyed. The Jrich seeds were placed near the base of a mountain due to its crops suitable for growth in the shades. The mountain made a nice cover from the sun. There was a rockslide in a nearby mountain, and some of the rocks landed right on top of the Jrich crops. Yoshi was very sad but he understood that he still had a good chance to have a good harvest because he had many more mid valued crops.

Yoshi worked hard for the next two month to make sure his crops were healthy. One day, Yoshi was surveying his fields. It was a nice day. The sun was out and there was a slight breeze, not too cold, not too warm. Just perfect for his crops. He was getting hungry, but there was very little food left in his storage. He needed to harvest fast or he would surely starve first. The targeted harvest date was less than a month away. He could wait. Instead of eating, he decided to take a nap, but the sun was too bright in his eyes. He wished that the sun would go away for a while. His wish was granted. Within moments, the sky darkened. Something large and dark was approaching his way. He feared that it would be another storm. He thought of last year’s downpour and prayed to God that it wouldn’t be another storm. This time, God answered him. It wasn’t another storm. It was something much worse than that. It was locusts. Swarms of locusts flew over the mountains and were headed directly for his crops. Yoshi tried everything he could to protect his crops, but it was no use. The sheer number of locusts was too much for Yoshi to handle. They ate through his crops with astounding speed, moving from one field to another. Minutes later, most of Yoshi’s mid valued crops had been eaten away either completely or partially.

Swarms of locusts attacking Yoshi's crops.

That night, Yoshi could not sleep. He knew death was approaching. Nothing could be done. Nothing would bring back his crops. His remaining crops just weren’t enough to feed him through the year. It was all over. He was going to die.


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