The Bus Ride Home

4 high school girls,  2 white and 2 brown came on the bus on my way home. They sat across from me. At first I was checking them out. Until I quickly found out that they were ugly except for the blond who could become attractive in 10 years or so. As expected, they were so loud that everyone in the bus could hear them, chatting about current events. All of a sudden, I burst out laughing, not at the girls, but at the image of Arian and Williams shaking their head in disapproval. I recalled Arian and Williams telling me how much they hated listening to dumb high school students chatting about stupid crap. I, on the other hand, was more tolerable to their mindless chatter, that is until they started talking about Fast Five.
“I saw Fast Five a couple days ago.”

“What’s that? Fast and Furious Five?”

“Why do they call it Fast Five? It sounds so stupid and uncreative.”

“I think they are running out of cool names like Tokyo Drift.”

“I know, they should just call it FF.”

At that moment, I shook my head in disapproval, and yelled in my head, “FF stands for Final Fantasy, you moron!”


King’s Bounty: Armageddon Style

Much like the more popular Heroes of Might and Magic III, there is this game called King’s Bounty which uses the turn-based hex-grid style of combats. Similar to HOMM III, this game also has the rape Armageddon spell which deals massive damage to every unit on the battlefield, friend or foe. I would like to introduce this method of fighting by recapturing a boss battle near the end of the game.

Boys! Let's go down there and kill some Orcs.

Oh shit! We are severely outnumbered 10 to 1.

Let's open up the spell book for some magic. Oh look! It's Armageddon.

Oh no! The sky is on fire!

Kaboom! Baby!

That cleaned up the battlefield nicely. Now let's see what else we can do. Oh, I know!

Kaboom! Baby!

That was fun! Let's do it again. Sleem, give the Griffins some protection so they don't all die.

Sleem - "Don't worry master, my shield is impenetrable."

Let's resurrect some troops before the battle ends.

Good to see you boys back. Now we have our enemies outnumbered. Victory is near.

A great victory. We lost only 4 units in total. So yeah. Numbers don't matter, just like the US sent 2 nukes and raped Japan, I raped a horde of Orcs with 3 Armageddon spells.

Tips for pulling off this strategy:

This strategy requires finding the Armageddon spell which you will find later in the game, so planning for it by only leveling damage spells from the start of the game is not advised.

Carry units with lots of HP since the spell will harm friendly units as well.

Use Sleem’s armor to protect your own unit from taking damage from Armageddon.

Use Time Back on Reaper to go back in time and restore one of your stack.

Have a unit with high initiative (Dragons), and a bunch of low initiative units. Cast the spell on the Dragon’s turn, and make sure that stack dies to the Armageddon. When the spell ends, if the unit with the next highest initiative is one of your opponent’s stack, you will not lose your mana for casting the Armageddon.

Get as much mana as possible since Armageddon costs 50 mana. You should have at least 100 mana so that you can cast it twice on turn 1.

Make sure to leave 1 opponent stack alive so that you can cast Resurrection and Time Back on turn 2.

If you have not secured the win after casting Armageddon(s), you will be low on mana and units. In order to gain back the lost mana, use Mana Spring (Distortion spell – whenever the unit is damaged, the hero gains +5 mana) to regain the lost mana to finish off with smaller nukes such as Ice Snake and Rain of Fire.

Most importantly, conserve your mana. Make sure you have ways of regaining mana by leveling up Concentration.

Armageddon: 50 mana                Ice Snake: 20 mana                   Rain of Fire: 20 mana                    Fireball: 17 mana

Poison Skull: 10 mana                           Flame Arrow: 5 mana

Use your math to maximize your damage output as Armageddon might not always be the most efficient spell!

Blonds Are Late Bloomers

Girls physically mature between 16-18, and mentally matures at around 25. However, I find myself despising younger blonds even when they are 25. I have a theory on blonds. I think blonds are late bloomers, so instead of maturing at 25, it takes them to the other side of 30 before losing their fever for mindless fun. This is perhaps due to their popularity – guys simply have higher expectations in blonds when it comes to parties and other wild activities. However, once the blonds lose that fever, they will surpass the brunets and darker shades. The number 1 celebrity on my list is Charlize Theron who is a blond over 30. She’s hawt not because of the wildness in her, but because she’s a badass. So for those who have been disappointed by blonds due to their stupidity, just wait till they are over 30.

Blonds are like the ugly duckling. It takes time for their true beauty to surface.

It takes a long ass time to charge up, but the reward is great - it raped Frieza's left eye.


Even though it’s in the middle of exam weeks, for the past 10 days, I have done absolutely no work. I have a final in 10 days and a huge project in 11. I have started neither. I think the procrastination period has to end now or I might fail them even though I had 20 days to prepare for them. That would be truly embarrassing.

Reading Game of Thrones

I started reading Game of Thrones. The opening chapter was amazing, then it slowed down a little until they introduced dire wolves. I always enjoy reading about mythological creatures or ancient creatures who were much more powerful than the puny animals known today. If anyone know any good movie or book with mythological creatures such as dragons, goblins, unicorns, trolls, minotaurs, etc. plz let me know.

Dead dire wolf and her puppies being picked up by the Starks.

Benefits of Sushi Buffet

For the past year, I have visited Ye’s Sushi Buffet restaurant over 30 times, spent over $500, and ate over 150 pounds of food. Clearly, that’s a lot of negatives. Fortunately, it benefited my life in the most unlikely manner. I went to a cheap and small Japanese restaurant today and ordered a dynamite roll. It tasted AMAZING!!! After degrading myself to Ye’s level of Japanese food, my tongue was at the lowest point possible. Now if I visit Japan and eat authentic sushi, it will bring unimaginable pleasure to my mouth.